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MGSI’s priority as a stone, porcelain and quartz supplier is to ensure that your project involving one of our products is a smooth and satisfactory experience. We suggest that you take the time to learn some useful facts about our products before you start with you project.

With so many choices in the market, and so many things to consider we think an informed decision is always the best. It is also very important to make the right material selection for for the intended use and to be familiar with the implications of your choice in the long term. We have created this comprehensive resource guide with the hope that it will help you to make educated choices and guide you throughout the process. 

The success of your project begins with selecting the right stone and having the knowledge base to make the right decisions throughout the process.

Natural stone is a creation of nature. Like so many natural formations, every piece is unique and matchless. Each type of stone has its own unique identity and inherent qualities. How do you know which stone is best for your project, what qualities should you look for?

This Guideline presents a comprehensive look at natural stone, its qualities, material considerations, appropriate applications – everything you need to know about natural stone.  Read more..

When it comes to choosing a countertop, the “best” selection is completely dependent upon the preferences and expectations of those who will be using the surface. With so many options available, from white marble, to quartzite, to porcelain slabs, it’s important to understand how the countertop will be used and how those using it feel about the appearance over time, as well as ease of maintenance.

So, which type of countertop material is right for you? Would something upscale and elegant suit your image of the perfect, or do you prefer the homier look. Do you like something more traditional or contemporary in style, or perhaps rustic, or retro? What are your priorities – a countertop that requires little to no maintenance? Are you looking for a kid friendly or cook friendly countertops or the style is more important to you? Read more..

There is a vast number of materials you can use in your project and it is crucial that you understand how the material will perform in the specific application before making your selection. Our Material Consideration and Application sections take a closer look at all unique qualities you should consider when selecting the right product for your project, how is the material of your choice expected to perform in a specific application, and what maintenance are you looking at in the long run. Read more..  


Care & Maintenance

Proper maintenance and care will ensure your long term satisfaction with your project. A comprehensive maintenance and care plan should be part of your material selection process to ensure that you select the right material.

Review the articles below as they pertain to the material of your selection

Natural Stone Care 

Porcelain Care 

Geoluxe Care

Techno Quartz Care 

Glass & Mosaic Tile Care