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Geoluxe is a very hard material and has a high abrasion resistance. It is resistant to cracks and scratches. However, like most materials, excessive force and/or pressure from objects can damage the surface.

Geoluxe is non-porous and has very low absorption rate. It is resistant to most stains caused by fruit juices, liquid food coloring, coffee, tea, wine, grapes and soft drinks.
Its non-porous nature provides maximum resistance to staining and fully eliminates the need for any sealing. The non-porous quality of the surface also greatly reduces the potential for bacterial growth.

Geolux is resistant to acids. It does not acid etch from household acids such as lemon, vinegar, wine etc. That quality alone makes it a very appropriate replacement for the white marble look in your kitchen. It is an excellent choice for people who love the luxuriant look of white marble but do not want to contend with the maintenance required for white marble kitchens.

Do I Need to Seal Geoluxe?

No. Geoluxe is a non-porous surface, so you do not have to apply sealer to it.

Can I Cut Directly on my Geoluxe Countertop?

Geoluxe surfaces are highly scratch resistant; however, avoid using sharp objects such as sharp knives or screwdrivers directly on the surface. The use of a cutting board is always recommended.

Is Geoluxe Appropriate for Exterior Application?

Manufactured with a complex mixture of 100% mineral-based materials, Geoluxe is allowed to use for outdoor applications due to its qualities such as UV resistance, free of scorch mark, resistant to heat, frost, stains, and chemicals. Without resin, Geoluxe will not fade, turn yellow, or degrade over time making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Is Geoluxe Heat Resistant?

This Pyrolithic Stone is very durable and requires little maintenance. It is structurally heat resistant only up to 300˚C / 570˚ Fahrenheit without burning or scorching. Thus, Geoluxe is also suitable for outdoor applications, such as fireplace, barbeque grill and outdoor kitchen countertop.  

Is Caring for my Geoluxe Surface Really This Easy?

Geoluxe is a low maintenance product. It is certified by the NSF International as a “Food Grade Material”, safe and hygienic materials for use in direct with food. It is smooth, dense and has low porosity, which makes it resistant to staining and effectively prevents the growth of bacteria and fungi. Due to its high density and non-porous qualities, normal cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent is all you need to keep your Geoluxe surface looking great. Thoroughly rinse off the soap/mild detergent with hot water after use and dry with soft cloth or paper towel. To avoid dulling the surface shine, make sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner, and thoroughly rinse off with water after use.

As a Pyrolithic stone formed by very high temperature, Geoluxe is highly dense making it resistant to stains and chemicals in day-to-day use. Additionally, without resin, Geoluxe is also resistant to heat. Its surface is neither discolored nor damaged by any hot pots or pans.

It is easy to maintain; however, only some stubborn stains need special care to remove. Refer to the complete Geoluxe Care & Maintenance Guide for full details.

Chemicals and Cleaners to Avoid

Prolonged exposure to any cleaning solution may cause permanent damage/discoloration to the countertop surface. We recommend using cleaning products between pH 5-11, as products outside this range may damage the surface. Avoid exposing Geoluxe surfaces to chemicals with pH levels outside this range, such as oven grill cleaners, floor strippers, toilet bowl cleaners, oil soaps, tarnish removers, furniture cleaners, drain products, etc. Should your surface accidentally be exposed to any potentially damaging products, rinse immediately with water to neutralize the effect.

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Please note that the information on this page is a general summary of industry-accepted standards and tips regarding natural stone considerations, applications and care. We have compiled this information to help you in your stone selection and care. MGSI is not involved in geological testing and has no formal proof of the information presented in the article and relies on industry wide information and standards. MGSI will not be responsible for any direct or indirect claims and damages, resulting from the improper application and/or interpretation of this information. Please note that natural stone varies substantially. Ask your stone specialist what works best for your project

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