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Lamnam is a large surface with exceptional performance.

Breaking the traditional concept of surfaces, Laminam is a full body Italian porcelain slab, exclusively large with minimum thickness. Laminam is remarkably strong and has very high resistance to scratching and abrasion. Suitable for many indoor and outdoor applications Laminam is produced using advanced technologies, it is easy to clean, resistant to frost, fire, mold and mildew, and to the effect of UV rays.

Laminam is a practical furnishing solution that also offers excellent technical properties and an attractive style. Laminam is a revolutionary, 100% Italian-made, large-size, minimum-thickness ceramic slab created using cutting-edge technologies. It is a large surface:1620x3240mm of pure porcelain stoneware compacted into a thickness of just 6 mm or 12mm or 20mm. What makes it so revolutionary is its excellent resistance and sophisticated style. It is a real architectural skin, adapting to a huge variety of applications, allowing you to create pleasing, harmonious settings.


Laminam ceramic slabs are naturally hygienic, require little maintenance and are resistant to chemicals.


Laminam offers a variety of attractive and realistic marble patterns and colors, which coupled with extreme durability and minimal maintenance, make for the perfect marble alternative for your kitchen. They are the ideal countertop for the enthusiastic cook, where aesthetics is coupled with incredible durability. Also, porcelain countertops are very hygienic, no pores to harbor bacteria and easy cleaning.

An ideal surface for contact with food: perfect as a worktop, because it is resistant to heat, fire and stains, including oil, wine and lemon, and cannot be scratched by knives.

The kitchen and the bathroom are the most delicate areas of the home, where hygiene is the most important. With Laminam, cleaning is both easy and effective. After chopping, kneading and soiling, all it takes is a sponge, hot water and mild detergent to restore Laminam to its characteristic splendor. Even the most stubborn stains can be removed with non-abrasive detergents.


Long-lasting and with excellent resistance to external stress, the slabs are ideal for office tables and other furniture.

When we’re busy, we need a stable work surface. Laminam is highly resistant: no sharp objects can ruin the surface and the heavy objects have no impact on the material either.

Laminam does not suffer wear and tear and its properties remain intact over the years.


The colors remain unaltered upon exposure to sunlight, and the material does not absorb humidity. Its strength and durability when exposed to natural elements makes it perfect solution for outdoors applications.



Porcelain slabs are manufactured in a variety of colors and patterns. They offer beautiful and realistic marble colors, since the pattern is achieved by ink-jet imprint of a real marble slab photo over the surface of the porcelain slab. The colors and patterns on porcelain countertops are achieved by adding pigments (known as “glaze”) to the surface. These pigments can make the surface resemble everything from marble to wood and even steel.


You don’t have as many finish options for porcelain countertops as you do with natural stone. There are still options, though, two of the most popular being high-gloss glaze and matte. Regardless of which finish is chosen, it gets baked on during the manufacturing process.

Abrasion Resistance

Porcelain slab material is extremely durable. They are resistant to scratching and cracking. You may cut directly on your porcelain slab.

Porosity & Acid Sensitivity

Porcelain slabs are non-porous, and do not acid etch. They do not absorb liquids and will not stain from oil, pigmented liquids and household acids such as lemon, wine, vinegar etc. In fact, Laminam recommends mixing dough and salads directly on your to, after good cleaning. They are good alternative for customers who like marble colors but do not want to face the challenge of maintaining marble countertops

Heat & UV Light Resistance.

Porcelain slab material was made under extremely high temperatures – about 2200-2650 Fahrenheit. They are completely heat resistant – you may comfortably set hot pans and pots directly on your countertop surface, it will not be damaged by heat

UV light resistance is a unique feature of porcelain slabs and great advantage over quartz. Porcelain slabs do not change color under UV light, their color remains consistent over time.

Freeze/ Thaw Cycle Resistance

Porcelain is highly resistant to the rigors of the freeze thaw cycle. Unlike some natural stone, such as marble, limestone, travertine and quartz, porcelain slabs can be used for exterior applications in freezing climates.

Care & Maintenance

The extremely low porosity and low water absorption makes porcelain slabs the most hygienic surface material.

Porcelain is low-maintenance, moisture-resistant, scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Completely inhospitable to germs and bacteria, porcelain tile is also among the easiest materials to clean.

Routine Cleaning For daily cleaning of Laminam slabs, use warm water and, possibly, mild detergents (e.g. soap or worktop detergents), using a cloth or soft sponge. Rinse with plenty of water then dry the surface with a soft cloth or kitchen paper. To prevent an opaque film from forming, it is advisable not to use products containing wax. Do not use detergents or abrasive sponges.

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Please note that the information on this page is a general summary of industry-accepted standards and tips regarding natural stone considerations, applications and care. We have compiled this information to help you in your stone selection and care. MGSI is not involved in geological testing and has no formal proof of the information presented in the article and relies on industry wide information and standards. MGSI will not be responsible for any direct or indirect claims and damages, resulting from the improper application and/or interpretation of this information. Please note that natural stone varies substantially. Ask your stone specialist what works best for your project

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