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quartzite vanity and tub


Quartzite is a quartz-rich sandstone that has been metamorphosed. It is known for its marble-like appearance, its hardness and great durability, resistance to extreme temperatures, and immense beauty. Quartzites have quite a palette of unique colors and patterns. The extravagant ones, with distinctive elegant veins, making unexpected swirls and patterns in vibrant and exotic colors. Or the creamy neutrals ones with warm subtle earth tones, which lend themselves to a more contemporary look, very reminiscent of some of the understated and lived in look of limestone.

Quartzite is very trendy in contemporary design. Designers, architects and homeowners love its rich elegant look. It is widely used for quartzite kitchen countertops, vanities, fireplace or tub surround, floor tiles and wall applications.

It is frequently featured in home design ideas magazines, kitchen and interior design magazine and other design and architectural publications

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