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Luxestone is a masterpiece collection of extraordinary surfaces. Handcrafted exclusively from individually cut and bound together semi-precious stone, Luxestone collection represents the highest level of craftsmanship. The tasteful and harmonious arrangement and blending of the various color hues into unique, unrepeatable designs makes it an expression of art.

The Luxestone collection is breathtakingly beautiful. It’s vivid colors, unique designs and texture makes it uniquely suited for inspirational designs. Some of the semi-precious stones are translucent and completely change in color and depth when backlit, enhancing it’s aesthetic value.

Introducing metal accents or other media further enhances the natural beauty of the semi-precious stone.

Luxestone is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of projects, commercial and residential alike. It is uniquely suited to make a statement and lends itself to awe-inspiring designs.

Luxestone imparts the inherent qualities of natural stone. It is heat, stain and scratch resistant and offers high quality and relatively low maintenance.

It is offered in a slab form, but custom pieces of various sizes may be produced as well.

Luxestone is produced from pieces of natural semiprecious stones, glued together to form a slab surface and share the inherent qualities of those stones.

Abrasion Resistance

Abrasion Resistance is medium to high, depending on the origin of the semiprecious stone used. For the most part Luxestone is made of crystal and natural quartz, which are very hard and will not scratch easily.

Absorption Rate

Absorption rate is mostly low – it is mostly crystals and natural quartz that are used to make Luxestone and those are minimally porous. Being that it is formed of pieces of natural stone, we recommend Luxestone to be sealed after installation and then routinely as part of the maintenance program.

Acid Sensitivity

Luxestone has low to medium acid sensitivity and needs to be sealed properly as part of the maintenance program.


  • Interior tops – kitchen, vanity and other tops, if properly supported underneath and properly sealed and cared for.
  • Interior walls.
  • Interior Flooring – needs to be properly leveled.


  • Always seal Luxestone surface.
  • Always wipe up spills immediately. Oil and highly pigmented liquids may penetrate and stain the surface if left for too long.
  • Always use a neutral detergent to clean Luxestone.
  • Use trivets and coasters on kitchen and bar tops and walk-off mats at entrances.
  • Expect to see factory seams where the various pieces of semiprecious stone are glued together.


Please note that the information on this page is a general summary of industry-accepted standards and tips regarding natural stone considerations, applications and care. We have compiled this information to help you in your stone selection and care. MGSI is not involved in geological testing and has no formal proof of the information presented in the article and relies on industry wide information and standards. MGSI will not be responsible for any direct or indirect claims and damages, resulting from the improper application and/or interpretation of this information. Please note that natural stone varies substantially. Ask your stone specialist what works best for your project

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