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Customer Service

  • Making our customers feel special never gets old at MGSI. We strive to provide outstanding service to our customers
  • We are the place that customers visit when searching for new and unique products. MGSI stands out in the industry for its innovative products. 
  • Our customers trust us and believe in our ability to consistently deliver quality products and excellent service.
  • Our state of the art facility is clean, functionally arranged and user friendly. It’s a great place to bring your customers.

Innovative Culture

MGSI fosters a culture of innovation. We have a clear definition of where we want to be and devote time and resources to brainstorming what must happen in order to get there. We expand beyond our usual processes and are open to a larger field of possible routes to get there. Our team members practice constant learning and are integral part of all our decisions. We partner with the design, build and architecture communities to learn about their needs for innovative material and ensure we satisfy them. We look at the big picture and are not afraid to take risks. Our trusted procurers travel the world to find new and innovative products. We cherish our reputation as the place where you can find new and unique materials.

Quality Commitment

MGSI is committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. We partner with reputable suppliers, who have the same high level of commitment to quality and environmental responsibility. Our dedicated inspectors are committed that MGSI will receive only high-quality material. They practice high standards of detailed inspection and approve only the best. Materials that arrive in our warehouse are subjected to second inspection by our trusted warehouse team. We believe in quality and practice it every day.