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We appreciate your business and would like to thank you for selecting MGSI for your project. Our Trade Rewards Program is designed to track your referrals to MGSI and reward you for your loyalty.


The MGSI Trade Rewards Program is designed to reward industry professionals for choosing MGSI for their projects. We award you 20 points for signing up for the program. Then for every visit to our showroom for product selection you will receive additional 2 points. Finally, when the product you selected was purchased by your installer you will receive additional points based on the product point schedule below.

Point Schedule


Price Level 1 10 points/slab Price Level 6 60 points/slab
Price Level 2 20 points/slab Price Level 7 70 points/slab
Price Level 3 30 points/slab Price Level 8 80 points/slab
Price Level 4 40 points/slab Price Level 9 90 points/slab
Price Level 5 50 points/slab Price Level 10 100 points/sl


Field/ Mosaic Tile 2 points/10 square feet
Trim 3 points /10 square ( linear feet )

Point Redemption

You may start point redemption when you have accumulated 200 points, or you may allow your account balance to grow. Each time you visit MGSyour account balance will continue to grow. When your account balance has reached a minimum of 200 points, you may begin redeeming your points; or let your account balance grow for larger rewards.  You will receive $1.00 in cash or product credit for each  point accumulated. You will receive additional 50 points if you claim your points in 500-point increments.

Point Tracking

You may track your points online. Points will typically appear in your account 2 weeks after any activity on your account including the actual purchase of the selected product by your contractor.


It is easy to register for MGSI rewards. You may stop by our showroom to fill a registration form or register online. Please fill the application form and attach your business card to it. Your application will be processed within 2 weeks of receipt and your membership card will be mailed to you. Please bring your membership card every time you shop at MGSI..

Thank you for your business!